Forms and Non-OHIP Services

Please see our updated costs for Forms / Notes and Non-OHIP services:
  Type of Form Cost
Attending Physician’s Statement $50.00
Disability Tax Credit $80.00
MTO Driver’s Physical with Full Physical $65.00 + $100 (Physical + urinalysis)
MTO Diabetic / Epilpesy Assessment $40.00
Immunization Form $25.00
TB Test $45.00
Medical Certifiate for EI Sickness Benefits $30.00
Transfer of Records $30.00 (1st 20 pages) additional $.25/page  $30.00 (1st 20 pages) additional $.25/page
Copes of Medical Records $60.00 per patient/$125.00 per family (Disc)
Note for Illness/Return to Work Note $25.00
Note for compression stockings/massage therapy/physiotherapy $25.00
Medical Form (Non-WSIB or FAF) $40.00

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