Please take this opportunity to join POMELO. You can contact our office by telephone and provide your email address.

Joining the pomelo platform is FREE

If you join you will be able to:

  1. Book and cancel appointments online
  2. Check and send message to administrative staff for non-urgent matters (allow for 2 business days for reply)
  3. Receive reminders regarding upcoming appointments
  4. Obtain a lab or x-ray requisitions if approved by your physician
  5. Send work forms and insurance forms to you physician directly
  6. Inquire about your preventative health needs (example mammogram, colon cancer screening, bone mineral density, immunization, pap)
  7. Some of these functions are subject to change or approval by the doctor.

If you have technical difficulties, there is NO support at the Core Care office, please direct to:

What if I do not have email of do not register for Pomelo?

Absolutely nothing changes. You can continue to be supported by our administrative staff to book appointments by phone.

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